About Us

Who We Are

We are Risk Management Partners taking care of Fraud Prevention System associated with Merchant Banking or Ecommerce. Want to know about Merchant Account Providers? All businesses are required to settle their credit/debit card transactions through Merchant Accounts only. These accounts can be of low risk, medium risk and high risk. Companies and Organizations providing Merchant Accounts to Merchants are known as Merchant Account Providers.

Proven Fraud Prevention Agents

EvoBulls has successfully processed thousands of online payments. We focus to serve you best by safeguarding you from all possible frauds. Our years of experience in data & payment protection have proved us a boon for Merchant Bankers. High Risk Merchants trust us in making high risk payments with no second thought.

We help you in "Minimizing Risk & Maximizing Profit"

Our role is to minimize the risk of Medium and High Risk Merchant Providers. Such Merchant Providers are generally in the online selling businesses such as pharmacies, casinos, gaming and similar ones. We thus prevent the frauds and similar deceitful activities linked with online selling and purchase businesses. We save you from investing heavy amount in fraud investigation in the form of manual reviews.

Our Risk Management Solutions, a Boon for High Risk Merchants

High Risk Merchants are easy prey of data theft and data breach. It is a minute's job for Malwares & Hackers. Our Risk Management Solutions & Data Security Methods assure you an immediate relief from all Cybercrimes. For example- Phishing, an internet scam is a big threat to all High Risk Merchant Providers and similar industries. Highly sensitive data, credit/debit card information, online Ids/Passwords are easily stolen resulting in huge irreparable loss.

Amendable Fraud Prevention System

Our Data Security Rules are changeable as per your requirements and needs. We understand that your experience and understanding with your customer varies from time to time and this is where the need of modification arises. We evaluate the fraudulent activity in the best possible manner and promise to handle your payments appropriately. Your focal point should be making best sales of products & services online. Trust our fraud protection system.